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A Musical Hike

on the Huguenot Trail

“Exploring the world through music”

Eric Longsworth is a cellist and composer. He has recorded ten or so albums and has played around the world. He also enjoys hiking!

When he was younger, he hiked in Alaska, the Yukon, and the Rocky Mountains, to experience Nature.

This time, he will hike as a means to encounter people, with his cello on his back.

He will start on foot on August 28th 2016 from Poet-Laval in the Drome, all the way to Geneva, Switzerland, via the route used by exiled protestants in the 17th century, the Huguenot Trail.

Each evening along the 400 kilometre trail he will be offering a musical moment, to which he is sending out an open invitation to all musicians, artists, or other folks interested in participating, to share through music making.

Exploring the world through music, the universal language that cuts across linguistic and cultural barriers.

This artistic adventure resonates with current events, as the critical situation of refugees arriving by various means in Europe today, is echoed by the ordeal of french protestants forced similarly in to exile three hundred years ago.

See the trail

- in the footsteps of the Huguenots -

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