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“I love hiking. I also love playing the cello, composing, exploring. Playing and hiking…difficult to do both at the same time! When I was younger, I went on long solo hikes in Alaska, the Yukon, the Rocky Mountains, wanting to experience a better sense of myself belonging to the natural world. Today I want to hike as a way of encountering other people, and with music-making a central element of those encounters. 18 years since my last long hike in Alaska, I’ll be hiking this time on the Huguenot Trail, with my cello on my back. 400 kilometres, 24 days of walking. Each evening I’ll be offering a musical moment, and I am inviting other musicians to join me.”

Eric Longsworth is a classically trained professional cellist who has spent the past 30 years exploring the territory of jazz and improvisation. He has recorded ten or so albums, each one an expression of his diverse influences and firmly rooted in todays’s music. Born in 1959 in the USA to protestant parents, his mother a choir director and his father a professor interested in languages and history, protestant hymns make up an integral part of his cultural heritage. He was 11 years old when he first embraced a cello, and he has since never stopped searching for new ways to play the instrument. He is currently examining the little known repertoire of traditional protestant music, via his trio “Un Sacré Imaginaire”. With this harp, oboe, and cello trio, all three instruments played by improvising musicians, he is looking for ways to approach these melodies and hymns in contemporary ways, outside of their religious context.

Eric is an experienced hiker. In his solo cello show, “I Hear You”, which has played to audiences worldwide, he includes anecdotes and stories of surprising encounters that he has had in the wilderness…

To read more about Eric Longsworth, visit his website

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